We all know the feeling of having nagging back pain. The tightness and the uncomfortable pain that never seems to leave you no matter how much you stretch, or try to loosen it during the day. One of the best cures for back pain is a proper mattress that suits your needs. You need the best mattress for back pain that you can find. This is because a lot of your back pain can come from the way that you sleep, and the conditions that you are sleeping in! Here are a few tips on buying the best mattresses for back pain in 2021: 

Why does my back hurt after waking up? 

Having back pain is not an uncommon phenomenon. Studies show that over 80% of adults complain about having consistent back pain. The wrong mattress for your body can cause your spine to stay misaligned for a long period of time, and pressure can remain on your back. This causes you to wake up feeling anything but relaxed from a long night of sleep.  

Is a firm or soft mattress better for back pain? 

Your body weight determines how firm your mattress should be, with the increase in weight relating to an increase in firmness.  For the most part, a firm mattress is the best for your back pain because it helps take away the pressure on points of your body that should be fully relaxed during sleep. A firmer mattress keeps your body aligned and allows for the relaxation that you need.  

What should I look for in a mattress that is best for back pain?  

Along with firmness, two other major factors can assist in helping your back pain with the right mattress. These other factors are your sleeping position and the materials used in the mattress.  

Sleeping Position: 

The way that you tend to sleep will determine the right mattress fit for your back pain.  

Back sleepers might want a medium to firm mattress that supports your spine and alleviates pressure on your lower back. You should aim for a 6 to 7 on the firmness scale. 

Side sleepers need something around the 5.5 to 6.5 range on the firmness scale because the shoulders and hips are the main pressure points. Having this firmness allows for the body to still have its natural flexibility without hyperextension.  

Stomach sleepers need a 6.5 to a 7.5 on the firmness scale because the pressure is on the neck and spine. A firmer mattress alleviates tension and stops these pressure points from being on an intense angle.  


Memory foam and latex mattresses are good in combination with a firm mattress core. This is because there is a sturdy firmness and support to alleviate the stress on pressure points.  

Pocket Coil mattresses with a memory foam top layer also work well to help with your back pain.  

Hybrid mattresses are typically super supportive because they combine everything that helps your body stay supported, as long as the top layer is not thin memory foam.  

Take care of your body with the best mattresses for back pain 

With these tips, make sure that you do your research to determine what mattress will help with your back pain. There are many options to choose from, but with the help of Mattress Miracle, we will find your perfect match! Consulting services are offered by Brad for choosing a mattress that best suits your needs. 

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