Finding your perfect mattress is a big deal. After all, you spend a lot of your time sleeping, so choosing the right mattress size is crucial to your good sleep. There are many mattress sizes to choose from ranging from a Twin bed to a California King. Below is a mattress size chart, and the mattress dimensions in Canada. 

Choosing the perfect mattress size is a personal preference, but other factors must be considered such as room spacing, and whether or not you will be sharing the mattress. 

Twin Mattress Dimension

The Twin mattress size  is 38”x75”. It is known to be slim, therefore making them the perfect mattress size for kids, or even stacked as bunk beds. This mattress size is great for saving space in a confined area.

Best for: They are best suited for kids or teenagers shorter than 6 feet, and single sleepers.

Twin XL Mattress Dimension

The Twin XL mattress size  is 38”x80”. This size is most popularly known for being used in college dorm rooms because it is a great solution for taller teenagers. It is great for saving space like the twin due to its same width, but the added length makes things a bit more comfortable for taller individuals.  

Best for: College dorm rooms or teenagers in small rooms.

Full Mattress Dimension

The Full mattress size is 53”x75”. This is a great starter mattress for someone who is living alone for the first time. It is a good compromise between the Twin and Queen mattress sizes. It is a great addition to the spare room.

Best for: the guest room or individual sleepers who want a little bit more room.

Queen Mattress Dimension

The Queen mattress size is 60”x80”. This mattress size is the most popular on the market. It can be used in the master bedroom and has plenty of space for couples to sleep together. They are very versatile and fit comfortably in most rooms.

Best for: Adult couples, or single sleepers who like to sprawl out. 

King Mattress Dimension

The King mattress size  is 76”x80”. This mattress is big enough for a couple to sleep in, as well as children or a big pet. It is equivalent to 2 Twin mattresses pushed together. With only 2 people in the bed, there will be plenty of room to spare. 

Best for: Couples, especially those who share the bed with children or pets.

California King Mattress Dimension 

The California King Mattress size is 72”x84”. This is by far the longest mattress out there. It is great for tall individuals over 6 feet, and people who want a very spacious mattress.

Best for: Tall sleepers or couples with children and pets who want a very spacious mattress.

There are Plenty of Options

Depending on your circumstances and how much room you prefer, there are plenty of mattress sizes to choose from. Find your perfect fit at Mattress Miracle where we can help you with the mattress you’ve always dreamed of. 

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