Did you know that we spend one-third of our lives asleep? That’s a lot of time spent tucked into our beds! Getting a good night’s sleep is essential not only for our body and mind but for our overall health and daily comfort too.  

At Mattress Miracle, we care about your quality of sleep and that’s why we’re happy to share our years of experience and knowledge about the science behind sleep with our customers! Check out some insight on sleep positions and your health below. 

The “Best Position”

The best sleeping position is one that promotes a healthy spine alignment from your hips all the way to your head – of course, this looks different depending on the person and there is not one “perfect” sleep position. That being said, side and back sleep positions are typically favoured by sleep professionals because it’s easier to keep your back and spine balanced, thereby relieving pressure from your back. 

Side Sleepers

This position is perfect for those with a bad back or pinched nerves and is recommended for people who snore because it allows for easier breathing.  Sleeping on your side, especially the left side, has noted improvements in breathing, and less to no pain in the lower back and is the recommended sleeping position for pregnant women. (As an extra special bonus, with less snoring there is a lesser chance your partner may push you off the bed – talk about a double win!) 

Back Sleepers

Sleeping on your back is the second most used position and is thought to be best for your facial complexion because your face isn’t crumpled against the pillow surface. A pillow tucked under your knees makes this position more comfortable for the back. If you’re worried about heartburn, check out our selection of wedge pillows – guaranteed to keep that stomach acid where it belongs while you count sheep.  

Stomach Sleepers

If you’re a devoted stomach sleeper who wakes up with back stiffness, try a different position!  While sleeping on your stomach can help you fall asleep, it won’t help you stay asleep as it forces your face into the mattress or pillow and stifles your breathing. With that, sleeping on your stomach can be hard on your back, causing unnecessary extra stress while you snooze. (Another tip: If you’re struggling with acne or skin problems, sleeping with your face pressed against your pillow can cause extra irritation! If you can’t stop sleeping on your stomach, try changing your pillowcase more often) 

While we aren’t here to tell you HOW to sleep, we are here to help you sleep BETTER! Whether that sleep is on your back, your stomach, or on your side, visit us in-store or give us a call to discuss your sleep issues and how we can help!  

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